Our Services

We do one thing really well – designing silicon chips! With our solid technology expertise in digital, analog and mixed-signal chip design, coupled with deep insights into technical as well as economic challenges in transforming ideas to product realization, we help you achieve the best ROI from your R&D investments by improving engineering productivity and reducing time-to-market. We constantly upgrade our skills to stay updated with the most recent technology trends from fabrication to design methods and tools, and can handle complex designs at the most advanced technology nodes all the way up to 7nm. Whether you are developing a high-performance computing systems, a leading-edge SoC or any sub-system of it, or a high-precision analog IP, our technology experts are there to help you achieve the best results within the given constraints in terms of schedule, cost and quality.

Services Portfolio

Circuit Design

Design Migration

Custom Layout Design

AMS Verification

Functional Verification

Physical Design

Physical Verification



Post-Si Validation

System Bring-up

SI/PI Analysis

Delivery Models

We work closely with you to customize a delivery model that meets your unique business needs at an optimal operating cost. We carefully evaluate multiple factors such as internal processes, tools, IP security, knowledge management, project management, cost and risk mitigation, to arrive at a delivery model that works best for you.

Our dedicated team of experts would be delighted to discuss how we can help you and we very much look forward to working with you.

Talent Cloud

Power up. Power down. Execute your workload at optimal energy while keeping full control. Best suited for sudden spike in workload or burst mode of execution

Managed Services

Add an accelerator, on-chip or off-chip, to take worries off your core activities. Best suited when you need to focus your resources on your most important priorities

Remote Lab

Go off-chip and build a new core from ground up. Experience operational simplicity, speed and coherence. Best suited for bringing up a competence over longer term at low risk